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6 Questions for Eden Dhaliwal of Conflux Network – Cointelegraph Magazine



We request the buidlers from the blockchain along with cryptocurrency industry for their ideas on the sector… and we toss in a couple of arbitrary zingers to maintain them on their feet!


This week, the 6 Questions visit Eden Dhaliwal, the worldwide management director at Conflux Network.

With 14 years of expertise in emerging technology, Dhaliwal focuses primarily on identifying Internet 3.0 chances and analyzing the viability of decentralized enterprise units and crypto assets. ) Presently, he’s spearheading worldwide growth at Conflux Network, a high ranking, PoW-based, the very first state-endorsed people blockchain job in China. 

He supports blockchain startups as a mentor in applications, including Basecamp, Creative Destruction Lab and also Gitcoin Kernel. In addition, he functions as a LP and executive adviser (formerly spouse ) of Outlier Ventures, in which he built the company’s crypto economics clinic. In 2019, Dhaliwal obtained the Blockchain Research Institute’s Award for New Frontier in Enterprise Blockchain Research. Before a career in blockchain, he obtained an MBA from the Rotman School of Control in the University of Toronto.


1 — What’s the one most revolutionary use instance for blockchain you have ever noticed? It might not be the most likely to be successful!

Though the self-sovereign individuality is a hard and intricate objective to reach, it is nonetheless a place of unbelievable possibility for company and human effects. Employing self-sovereign individuality for a way of easing social responsibility throughout the internet are quite a game-changing breakthrough. I have seen SSI jobs work through the mechanisms of minding an internet recognition system to DIDs which may be flashed into and over several programs. It would enable networks and communities to recognize bad actors beforehand of period and if they’re real people or robots. Such SSI progress would make for a much better net and far better speech online societal issues such as cyberbullying and bogus information.


2 — From intelligent contracts to DApps, to NFTs, to DeFi,” we’ve seen a lot of of another “killer apps” for crypto, but none have really taken off quite yet. What’s going to stick?

When it comes to mainstream adoption of cryptowe need a bridged introduction or a magic consumer experience. Matters such as CBDCs and Libra could present electronic monies to big amounts of individuals to help them make a step nearer and more comfortable with all cryptocurrency. But we additionally require the kind of compelling user experience which arouses a degree of irrationality that contributes to the kind of online behaviour where users do not care what they need to do in order to register and use the item. Comparable to the way that users sign up for programs now without thinking a great deal about privacy, safety or reimbursement for their information. I am feeling something unique happening with NFTs in the present time. NFTs have the capability to leverage emotional connections with music and artwork. In addition, I believe the electronic scarcity which NFTs provide can ease particular marketplaces, brand new gambling adventures and (*6*) digital manufacturer chances. Regardless of the hype using DeFi at this time, I believe NFTs provide the kind of breakthrough individual encounters which may catch the hearts of mainstream consumers.


3 — Which film alternative universe would you like to reside at, and why?

For me personally, Interstellar has been an interesting journey through space and time. I would really like to have been of that the astronauts exploring new worlds. ) I will need to settle crypto because my brave new universe for exploration, for now.


4 — Organize your favourite sport teams and select the single most memorable moment out of viewing them. If you are not a sports lover, select a couple of movies along with a second!

My favorite sports teams are the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Giants. As exciting as it had been to see Kobe vie (RIP Mamba), my only most memorable sports moment was Eli’s TD pass to Plaxico to complete off Brady and the Patriots at SB 42.


5 — What’s been the hardest challenge you have faced in our sector up to now?

Looking back on my own time from the crypto-blockchain area, I think back when I joined Outlier Ventures. We had a variety of portfolio firms which were investigating token versions but had been struggling to how to move. It is a really intricate procedure — and a comparatively fresh one —  to create decentralized community economics, therefore it did not come as a enormous surprise. 

Traditional product growth happens on an extremely bottom-up strategy, normally in the shape of a lean start up. At the moment, this did not work well since this procedure could not accounts for the sophistication involved with generating tokenized systems. These programs will need to incorporate game theoretics, financial policy, market design, governance, cryptography, and so forth, into a workable crypto network. And after obtaining the cryptoeconomics set up, there’s just another obstacle in figuring out how to confirm the design fundamentals and optimize the community economics to provide a secure and safe working system.

Through the span of several months working together with great heads from Imperial College London and also BlockScience, we could come up with a strategy that joined cryptoeconomics and high-tech technology which supplied an arrangement of surgeries, resources, and approaches to make nominal ecosystems. This frame continues to function Outlier Ventures jobs well to the day.


6 — What exactly do your parents/significant other/friends/kids inform you away for? )

Well, now, it is my Poor Bunny obsession — and also enjoying reggaeton manner too loudly. Some forms of songs are supposed to be appreciated together with the volume cranked, and that I admire the brand new audio, style, and branding which Bad Bunny brings to the table. I was a rapper in a different lifetime, but that is a much more conversation.