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Argo Blockchain CEO becomes first publicly traded company exec paid in Bitcoin



On Wednesday, British cryptocurrency mining company Argo Blockchain demonstrated that CEO Peter Wall has become the first executive of a publicly traded company to carry their whole wages in Bitcoin (BTC).

At a February usable upgrade, the company — that transactions on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker ARB — stated the Monday, Wall started carrying his wages in that the cryptocurrency and “Any other Argo team members may choose to be paid in Bitcoin for part of or all of their salaries.”

In a meeting with Cointelegraph,” Wall reported that the choice was a clear one for Argo, that mined 129 BTC past month and now has 599 BTC about the novels.

“I actually woke up in the middle of the night and asked myself, ‘why am I getting paid in fiat?’” stated Wall. “‘Why don’t we just start paying ourselves in Bitcoin?’”

Wall pointed into NFL player Russell Okung because an extra source of inspiration. Late last year, particular books reported the Okung was drawing on some of his wages in Bitcoin; in fact, he had been using an agency to convert his own salary.

By comparison, Argo is in reality paying Wall in Bitcoin directly from the company’s coffers. Wall documented “strong” attention from workers also, and he expects a “strong uptake” about the deal. Employee wages will probably continue to be denominated in fiat, along with the conversion fee will be computed daily with Satstreet’s exchange rate.

Workers are not the only ones thinking. Wall joked that many investors have asked regarding dividend obligations in BTC — a feat which can be too much of a legal barrier to clear and stated a few other company minds have resisted the transfer.

Wall explained that Bitcoin is the perfect method to consider at least a part of salary, provided its usefulness for a store of value and also its own provable lack.

“There’s an evolving payment structure for how people are getting paid out, and we’re happy to be at the forefront of pushing things in that direction,” he explained.

He expects additional companies — giants such as Google — will provide cryptocurrency salary Alternatives to workers inside “three to five years.”

“Long term there’s absolutely no doubt that we will be using cryptocurrencies in our daily lives across all the transactions we do everyday.” 

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