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Bitcoin traders worry as BTC price remains pinned below $50K



The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has failed to crack above the psychological $50,000 immunity entering the weekend, and it has dropped below the 48,000 amount on March 6. 

BTC/ / USD 1-hour candle graph (Bitstamp). Resource: Tradingview

Today traders are observing if BTC/ / USD can break over the $50,000 amount to restart the bull bicycle. Conversely, a fall below the current highs below $46,000 will probably open the doorway to new lower highs, which might then pose a danger to the bull run that’s been set up for nearly a year, at the least in the short to medium duration. 

Pseudonymous dealer Rekt Capital pointed out comparable price amounts to see. In case BTC fails to maintain the recent levels over $46,000, the dealer anticipates Bitcoin to lowest someplace in the region between $38,000 and $45,000 even though Bitcoin posting greater lows recently. 

“BTC higher earners hold till they do not,” that he composed . “Each succeeding response from the January HL was lower and lesser. Might be the exact same now. Much better to be safe than sorry by getting ready for a possible breakdown from the HL.”

Number BTC Higher Lows hold

Until they do not

Every subsequent response from the January HL has been lower & diminished

May be the exact same today

better to be safe than sorry by getting ready for a possible breakdown from the HL

And if that breakdown happen – $BTC will finish with this retrace

— Rekt Capital (@rektcapital) March 6, 2021

One key component that is probably causing the present downward pressure on price is a uptick in rodents’ action. Statistics from CryptoQuant indicates a rise in massive trades to trades on March 6, even however miners’ action remains comparatively low. 

As shown in the graph below, preceding upticks in rodents transferring funds to swap socialized with drops in Bitcoin price on March 3-4.  

Whales (blue) vs. Miners (orange) vs. BTC price (reddish ). Resource: CryptoQuant

Macroeconomic headwinds for Bitcoin

Since Cointelegraph reported,” Bitcoin can also be facing downward pressure out of macroeconomic headwinds.  A sudden spike in 10-year U.S. Treasury returns and also a pullback in technology stocks, particularly, are weighing cryptocurrency costs as investors hammer risk-on assets.

Meanwhile, the Dollar money indicator, or DXY, has busted up technological resistance, reaching the greatest rates since November 2020. 

BTC (blue) vs. DXY (orange). Resource: Tradingview

Cointelegraph Trader analyst Michael van de Poppe points from which Bitcoin’s downtrend remains complete following the most recent effort to split $50,000 failed. 

“This usually means that the tendency remains down and general weakness about the niches in the brief term,” he clarified.  “$50,000 is indeed much a no-go for Bitcoin.”

But Bitcoin, as nicely as gold) will observe some respite shortly as that the DXY and Treasury returns are nearing their very own technical immunity levels.  

“I think that the returns are becoming laid out comparatively soon such as the DXY,” explained van de Poppe. “Both are at resistance regions, so we ought to be near some high creation on those two, but in addition on a base formation for Bitcoin and gold fairly shortly.”

He included: 

March is frequently a lousy month for economies and history repeats itself. Thus macro-wise, we are still bullish about the heat and cycle for continuation, regardless of the current interest in returns.”

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