Frequently Asked Questions

All about cryptocurrency insurance platform
What is BITRUST?
BITRUST is an affordable, decentralized, easy to use peer-2-peer cryptocurrency insurance platform based on Ethereum blockchain leveraging smart-contract technology. Our team goal is to provide the blockchain community an access to a simple and easy-to-use risk management solution. The platform will provide an opportunity to protect cryptocurrency and significantly mitigate risks associated with high volatility on the digital currency market.
Why I need BITRUST platform?
In 2017 there were 179 new coins launch, many of which have decreased in value dramatically. With BITRUST you will have an opportunity to hedge risks associated with investment in cryptocurrencies.
Who is behind BITRUST project?
BITRUST platform is a product of BTF Project Limited established under English law with the headquarters in London. There are 5 founders who are true enthusiast of cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technology. We have invested the first batch of their money to bring BITRUST to life.The engineering team consists of highly skilled developers who all have worked on various products (see the Team page for more info.
Why BTF Project Limited is registered in UK?
There is a number of very important reasons why we chosen the UK as a jurisdiction for BTF Project Limited, but the most important is that we wanted to make sure that our investors are protected by English Corporate Law.
Who is BITRUST target audience?
BITRUST objective is to serve retail digital currency investors and cryptocurrency traders with an average monthly trading volume of between $100 and $100,000.
What makes BITRUST attractive for early investors?
BITRUST is a real project. It is very easy to launch and scale. The platform is already under development and will be launched in January 2019 the latest, if sufficient funds are collected. We expect BITRUST tokens to rise in value in a very short time, thus benefit early investors.
What is a difference between BITRUST and risk mitigation solutions other projects?
BITRUST is first of its kind. There are simply no risk mitigation solutions for cryptocurrency retail investors.
Can you explain how BITRUST works in few words?
John wants to invest in Bitcoin, but he’s afraid that the after he will acquire it, the price will go down and he will loose his hard-earned money. John thinks: «If only I could insure my investment...» Takeshi on the other hand is very confident that the price of Bitcon will increase further over time. Takeshi would be more than happy to provide insurance to John and get paid for it... but how? BITRUST is a matchmaking platform for people like John and Sam, which enables simple & secure risk management solution for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
Why ICO? Why invest in BITRUST ICO?
Why ICO?
There is a number of reasons why BITRUST team has decided to run ICO instead of more traditional ways to raise funds. First, we are firm believers in blockchain technology and its decentralized nature which allows a completely trustless interaction between parties. Second, we are developing platform which is designed primarily for retail investors and everyday cryptocurrency users that will help significantly hedge risks associated with volatility on the cryptocurrency market.
Why invest in BITRUST ICO and not other companies making ICO?
BITRUST platform objective is to build an insurance platform which will serve retail cryptocurrency investors with an average monthly trading volume of between $1,000 and $100,000. In 2017 there were 179 new coins launch, many of which have decreased in value dramatically. With BITRUST, those investors interested in new to the market or existing coins, will have an opportunity to hedge risks associated with those pitfalls.
How do I buy BTF tokens?
Please send the desired amount of ETH, BTC or LTC to our smart contract and wait till the ICO is finished.
Would I be able to buy BTF tokens only with ETH?
We provide an opportunity to invest in BITRUST with ETH, BTC or LTC. You will have an opportunity to select a funding currency in the investor cabinet.
What is a minimum investment sum in ETH, BTC or LTC?
We do not have any limits on minimum investment in ETH, BTC or LTC.
When your ICO takes place?
5th of March 2018
Are you planning to list BTF tokens on exchanges?
Yes. We are planning to list BTF and already talking with a number of exchanges.
Will the referral program continue during the ICO?
Yes. The referral program will work during Pre-ICO and ICO?
Is BITRUST decentralised platform?
Yes. BITRUST is decentralized, peer-2-peer cryptocurrency insurance platform based on Ethereum blockchain leveraging smart-contract technology