Soon after devoting its network of members that are inactive, one of decentralized fund’s (DeFi) oddest experiments will be starting a new stablecoin lending merchandise.

About Wednesday Inverse Finance disclosed that the Anchor Protocol, a money market built approximately DOLA, a protocol-native artificial stablecoin. According to”a modified fork of Compound,” at a blog article Inverse Finance founder Nour Haridy compares Anchor to Synthetix, which concerns bank in the kind of synthetic resources back by overleveraged security, and Compound, which issues bank in the kind of crypto asset loans backed by overleveraged collateral.

Ultimately, Haridy sees these models as providing the exact same utility.

“Lending and artificial protocols both offer the exact same support: charge.

Anchor aims to accomplish this with a special architecture that always corrects the DOLA token as”$1 security which could be employed to borrow other resources regardless of DOLA’s marketplace conditions or market.” Users deposit security, mint DOLA, then can utilize DOLA to take loans out in other crypto resources or simply earn yield on DOLA.