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Lighthouse’s first Ethereum and Eth2 merge transaction



Blockchain safety supplier Sigma Prime has introduced its first merge transaction between the 2 Ethereum networks.

The transaction was made by its Lighthouse shopper utilizing solely Proof of Stake validators, it said in a March 25 tweet. It added that this was a step in direction of a 99.98% drop in Ethereum vitality consumption, deriving that determine from calculations that examine the present Proof of Work Eth1 with the far more environment friendly Proof of Stake Eth2.

Sigma Prime said that it’s an thrilling achievement however nonetheless removed from manufacturing as it’s nonetheless a prototype with far more work to do, including:

“Primarily, you should take this is a signal that Eth1 and Eth2 developers are actively working together on the merge.”

This isn’t the first time such a feat has been managed, with Sigma Prime mentioning that in August final yr the Teku Ethereum shopper had additionally demoed a prototype able to performing any Eth1 transaction in an Eth2 atmosphere.

The transaction is a part of the preliminary steps in direction of Part 1.5 within the Ethereum 2.0 improve roadmap when a “docking” course of will merge Eth1 mainnet with the Eth2 Beacon Chain and sharding system.

The transfer to Proof of Stake will remove the energy-hungry mining operations that at the moment energy Eth1, although the blockchain will nonetheless run as a shard of Eth2 as soon as Part 1.5 is full.

A dialogue on mining, and its energy consumption, was spawned on Reddit in response to the Lighthouse improvement.

Citing the rising prices of electrical energy, and graphics processors in the meanwhile because of the world chip scarcity, Redditor HighlightAccording98 said that it’s easier to revenue from staking than mining.

“If I were a miner I would be sitting on a pile of staked ETH from selling my equipment collecting APY and waiting for the merge.”

At present, staking on Beacon Chain is yielding an APY of 8.2% with 3.6 million ETH already deposited in accordance with the Eth2 Launchpad.