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Litecoin briefly flips XRP as 4th largest crypto amid Ripple–SEC spat



Litecoin (LTC) and XRP briefly traded positions in market capitalization positions over the weekend, also highlighting the effects of the recent litigation against Ripple registered from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

The so-called “flippening” occurred first Sunday if Litecoin’s market cap reach $9.95 billion after a greater than 12% increase in cost. XRP, meanwhile, had diminished in excess of 25 percent on a 24-hour trading interval. 


— HODLGeorge (@BitfuryGeorge) January 3, 2021

At this time, XRP was back from the fourth place with a market cap of $10.5 billion. ) Litecoin, meanwhile, has been worth just over $9.9 billion. ) At the previous seven weeks, Litecoin’s cost has gained approximately 14 percent while XRP has shrunk almost 20 percent.

Litecoin’s cost has more than doubled because mid-December, highlighting Bitcoin’s gravitational pull on the wider economy. XRP was on a tear prior to the SEC declared a suit against Ripple for supposedly violating regulations. Peak to trough, XRP cost totaled over 73 percent, based on CoinMarketCap data.

XRP’s road to recovery will be very likely to be a tough one as investors anticipate the results of the lawsuit — a procedure which could take a long time to perform. With no settlement with the SEC, the value of XRP will battle to recover momentum. A tide of delistings at significant exchanges also compromises XRP’s rally potential.

Meanwhile, Litecoin’s ascendancy probably has to do with Bitcoin than any shift in the job’s underlying principles. Cointelegraph emphasized an evident spike in altcoin quantity in December as Bitcoin’s cost abbreviated previous $20,000.

The complete market cap of cryptocurrencies climbed to all time highs across the weekend, also peaking at about $907 billion. )