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New EIP hopes to quell tensions between Ethereum’s miners and developers



A brand new Ethereum Enchancment Proposal, or EIP, has emerged amid opposition from miners to scheduled modifications to the community’s price market. Whereas some are trying to the proposal as a way to cool flaring tensions between Ethereum’s miners and developers, the EIP seems to have secured little help from the neighborhood.

In current weeks, tensions have escalated over EIP-1559 — an improve slated for integration in July that’s anticipated to self-discipline Ethereum’s risky price market whereas considerably impacting miner revenues.

The brand new proposal, EIP-3368, advocates that block rewards instantly be elevated to 3 Ether and then lowered to 1 Ether over the 2 years following 1559’s implementation to ease the impression of Ethereum’s transition to Proof-of-Stake on miners.

On March 13, Ethereum developer Tim Beiko took to Twitter to share EIP-3368, encouraging sturdy debate over the proposal throughout the Ethereum neighborhood. Whereas Beiko emphasised 3368 “is not accepted” or “scheduled for a fork” but, the developer described the proposal as “the most tangible thing to come out of miner conversations [regarding 1559] in the past few weeks.”

Popping out of my twitter break to share this: miners’ “counter proposal” to 1559 is EIP-3368, which might increase the block reward to 3 ETH and decrease it to 1 ETH over ~2 years. @BitsBeTrippin ought to current it on the subsequent AllCoreDevs. @EthMagicians thread:

— Tim Beiko | timbeiko.eth (@TimBeiko) March 12, 2021

Whereas many mining swimming pools have lengthy opposed EIP-1559, information the improve had been scheduled for deployment in July noticed distinguished miners threaten to set up a “show of force” during which 1559’s opposers would divert their hash energy to a single pool for 51 hours.

Nevertheless, in response to EIP-3368, Purple Panda Mining, a social influencer and crypto miner who was amongst these pushing for a miner rebel, pledged their help for the proposal and introduced they are going to “rescind from the show of force:”

We now have been heard. EIP-3368 has been proposed. Reward to 3 ETH however drops 0.25 each quarter until 1 ETH over 2 years. I’m going to rescind from the present of power to @etherchain_org April 1st and so ought to all of you (until you have been already on ethermine)

— Purple Panda Mining (@RedPandaMining) March 13, 2021

Whereas the feedback from Purple Panda and Beiko suggesting Ethereum’s miners and developers could also be readying to work in direction of some type of compromise, discussions relating to EIP-3368 on the Ethereum Magicians boards counsel Ethereum’s neighborhood remains to be very divided.

Consumer “green” describes the proposal as “a subsidy of users to miners to delay impending change,” including:

“The personal business decisions of miners are not the concern of Ethereum users. You don’t socialize profits, then you don’t socialize losses.”

Different forum-goers emphasised efforts from Ethereum’s core developers to expedite the present community’s chain-merge with Eth2, describing 3368 as merely delaying the inevitable. “DCInvestor” mentioned: “Further, accommodation of this form only delays the inevitable as we move swiftly towards a merge of eth1 and eth2, where PoW mining rewards will be zero.” 

“IMO, we should avoid measures which encourage further investment in mining hardware by miners given this reality,” they added.

There additionally seems to be resistance to EIP-3358 from throughout the miner neighborhood, with quite a few replies to Purple Panda on Twitter indicating many miners nonetheless want to proceed with a present of power.