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We tracked down the original Bitcoin Lambo guy – Cointelegraph Magazine



Jay is the Bitcoin OG who created a meme by shopping for a Lamborghini with the cryptocurrency. He went from a poverty-level existence to having fun with a well-off way of life in a gated neighborhood because of mining Bitcoin in the early days — however not with out having to fret for his household’s security.

As BTC first broke the $1,000 milestone in December 2013, former Chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan urged that Bitcoin couldn’t really be used to purchase something of worth.

That’s when Jay (not his actual title), then in his early 30s, and with the assist of his spouse who can also be a Bitcoiner, used nearly 217 BTC to buy what’s believed to be the original Bitcoin Lamborghini at the Lamborghini Newport Seaside dealership. He then offered the proof on the nameless imageboard 4chan.

This proved that Bitcoin had actual worth — who would settle for faux cash for a Lamborghini? A meme was born that launched one million different memes.

“It’s kind of overwhelming as an individual — I created a meme.”

An archetypal Bitcoin OG, Jay acquired his begin round 2010. Regardless of being broke and supporting a household on very low earnings in Southeast Asia, he ended up organising 20 GPUs, leading to electrical energy prices that had been six instances his lease.



Shopping for a Lambo with Bitcoin in 2013.


“I was really poor — I made like $8,500 per year while supporting a family, and babies cost money. I had businesses and savings before, but going to university and starting a family got me damn close to $0,” he remembers, bewildered.

“It’s amazingly hard to HODL bitcoin when you eat pasta every day and make fuck-all, and spend what you do have on computers and miners. But I had that faith, I knew this was world changing.”




At present, Jay lives in a gated neighborhood inside a small metropolis of beneath 100,000 in Southeast Asia together with his spouse, three youngsters, and three canines — one in every of them a professionally educated and imposing guard canine whom I had little question was prepared to tear my face off on command once I visited.

His residence really consists of two homes on two streets, discreetly related in the center, creating an understated facade. Whereas the entrance storage accommodates “normal” luxurious autos, the again holds none apart from Bitcoin Lamborghini 2.0.

“Sadly because I was so close to $0 and had kids, I had to sell so much BTC so early because I wanted some safety net. I could add at least one zero to my net worth if I had no family — but it’s a paradox because family is why I do it.”

Lambo conventionThe Bitcoin Lambo in Texas at a CryptoWomen meetup in 2014. Provided.


Wealth worries

Jay’s fortune is topped by a loaded 1,000 BTC Casascius “physical Bitcoin” gold coin of which just a few exist. It’s, actually, the most beneficial coin in the world, with a face worth of roughly $60 million {dollars} and a collector premium of many thousands and thousands extra.

That is how we got here to fulfill, as I act as a dealer of such rarities and wrote the Encyclopedia of Bodily Bitcoins and Crypto-Currencies. For Jay, proudly owning such cash can, nonetheless, show anxious “if someone connects me to holding tens of millions of dollars in what are effectively bearer bonds.” Such cash maintain the non-public key to the said quantity of Bitcoins beneath a tamper-proof label, making them corresponding to bearer bonds, gold or money.

Such privilege is “difficult to deal with” on the household entrance, Jay says. Residing in a rustic with an enormous wealth disparity, he explains that cash might be metaphorically used to construct both an even bigger wall to separate himself from the plenty, or an even bigger desk with a purpose to carry them to his aspect. “Honestly, I have to do both, but I want to build a bigger table,” he says. He feels that he faces very actual threats, together with the kidnapping of members of the family by worldwide criminals.

“I had issues with some Russian oligarchs in the past, but I don’t think I’m a target now.”


Casascius coinA loaded 1,000 BTC Casascius coin, which Jay purchased for $5,000

Nonetheless, it’s onerous to place fear or paranoia apart — states of thoughts that Jay considers pure to him. Late one night time, as we loved beer and burgers on the fringe of city, Jay’s merriness immediately turned to eager consideration as he spied a car loitering close to his Lamborghini. “It’s been there over 30 seconds,” he stated, showing nonetheless nervous after the automotive drove off. “They were probably just admiring the car — but what if?” He was visibly uneasy.


Jay describes a standard childhood in a median lower-middle-class household in the U.S. midwest. Cash was generally tight, however fundamental wants had been coated and faculty was OK. He excelled in geography, which merely got here naturally to him with out the want to check.

He began working at the age of 12, stapling giant bins collectively at a warehouse owned by a household good friend. The work was repetitive and it was really unlawful to make use of such a younger baby, however Jay was there willingly and feels that he gained a helpful perspective from socializing with enterprise house owners at such a younger age.




After highschool, Jay enrolled in a college near residence to check worldwide relations and pc engineering. He, nonetheless, grew to become disillusioned, believing that “a lot of what the university was teaching me was absolute bullshit” and largely geared toward making him into “a good wage slave.” As he studied cash, “it blew my mind that fiat money was based on nothing — it was debt.” He dropped out to run his personal book-selling enterprise, which he later offered to a agency that itself went on to be acquired by Amazon.

“The realization of the financial system and money being bullshit helped motivate me to drop out of university in the U.S.A. and do my own thing.”

Jay used the cash to journey, first heading to Mongolia, which he felt is perhaps a “missed gem” and may maintain financial alternatives. Later in Kazakhstan, he hung out with a gaggle that “trained golden eagles to hunt wolves,” and he heard excessive reward of Southeast Asia from different passing vacationers — data he filed away for later. His cash ran low, and he quickly returned to the U.S. the place he discovered some success buying and selling oil futures from residence.

“When the tsunami hit Southeast Asia on Boxing Day 2004, I realized that sitting around doing the bullshit nothing I was doing was bad and jumped on a plane to help.”

Jay determined to remain and attended a neighborhood college, this time selecting to check enterprise administration. Years after graduating and struggling financially, he got here throughout the Bitcoin white paper in 2010 by way of the notorious Cypherpunks mailing record, the place it was mentioned in the early days of the cryptocurrency. He had learn a guide about cryptography earlier than — he beloved studying — and the undertaking caught his eye. He discovered it sensible, “but I thought there was a very low chance it could become worldwide money — it was too crazy.”

The most important draw was not the cash facet, however the concept that “this breaks censorship.” He remembers somebody placing Bible verses into the blockchain early on — ceaselessly indelible. With Bitcoin, anybody may write freely on the wall of eternity.


Celebrating Bitcoin breaking $100 on April 1, 2013. Provided.


The Bitcointalk Boards

The Bitcointalk discussion board was an attention-grabbing place in the very early 2010s, a time when Jay remembers a group of seemingly “random people with random ideas.” Bitcoin was then a primarily mental pursuit, and it attracted socialists and communists along with the libertarians who grew to become extra related to the motion’s historical past.

One concept mentioned round that point included the canceling and reissuing of cash after two to 5 years of inactivity at an tackle, whereas others urged that mining rewards might be adjusted based mostly on particular person want or nationwide earnings. As there was no firmly established worth, the Bitcoin concept was thought-about fairly malleable and never essentially set in stone — it may grow to be something.

Jay was confused by a few of the discourse. “I wasn’t quite well-read in the philosophy then, so I didn’t really understand what the leftists saw in the idea,” he remembers.

The tradition of the discussion board developed as waves of discourse and new customers adopted information protection of Bitcoin. There was a free “core group” of lovers who thought-about one another near the undertaking; “some new people would be added every now and then, and some would leave.” The tradition, nonetheless, grew extra poisonous.

Although he first causes that the toxicity was attributable to a “Wild West culture” that naturally kinds in a gold rush of kinds, Jay notes that individuals in the up to date WallStreetBets neighborhood, “seem to be incredibly polite and welcoming.” He provides that whereas he “does not want to say anything bad about anyone,” he assigns some accountability for the tradition upon the Bitcointalk discussion board’s administration.



“I think that the leadership of a community helps shape it. The person running Bitcointalk was quite inexperienced and pretty much fell into the role — I wonder if it could have been different.”

In contrast, the early Ethereum neighborhood appeared friendlier at the time, probably attributable to the credit score of Vitalik Buterin performing as a visual neighborhood chief. Buterin reached out to Jay throughout the strategy of launching Ethereum, however Jay was unimpressed.

“I told Vitalik over Skype that Ethereum was going to fail because it was too centralized.”

Regardless of his considerations, Jay owns some Ethereum and isn’t an excessive Bitcoin maximalist like a few of his friends.

“There shouldn’t be people who hold keys to the internet. It should be entirely math-based, because it can be,” he causes, referring to what he sees as pointless centralization and reliance on human figures inside the Ethereum neighborhood.

Future instructions

Already an old-timer, little greater than a decade after stumbling upon Bitcoin, Jay is cautious about newer developments, calling DeFi “definitely risky” attributable to the danger of the management of some initiatives having the energy to unilaterally take management of your funds. He has an identical tackle NFTs, saying that “99% of them will become worthless, but some might become cult classics,” a line of considering that was particularly distinguished concerning ICOs in the 2017 growth.

All thought-about, Jay is doing effectively in life and is targeted on his household, however there’s a sure unease — a restlessness about him, even unrelated to bodily security.

As with many individuals who attain their purpose, he has every little thing he may ever dream of, nevertheless it’s not precisely clear what he ought to do subsequent, contemplating he feels that he has sufficient to financially cowl his descendants to the 4th technology. One factor’s for positive — he’s not searching for fame. “I don’t really want this article out there, but I think overall it is fair and the story should be told,” he says.

“I have reached my goal, so now what? I have accomplished my life goals but I’m not dead yet, so I have to do something. No idea what — but something…”


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